RHP 12 Monthly Status Call (November)

Hello Region 12,


Thanks to all for attending our RHP 12 November Monthly Status Call this morning.. Here is the link to the recorded webinar in case you were unable to join us:http://www.texasrhp12.com/downloads/20141120 RHP 12 Monthly Status Call.mp4


We covered a large amount of information on today’s call and we indicated that we would send the following/attached documents, links and due dates:


Ø  Updated Milestone and Metric Table sent via email on 11/20/2014. Please review to confirm accuracy of your project milestones and metrics


Ø  DY3 Advance UC Payment – Sent via email on 11/20/2014– IGT date December 4th with a settlement date of December 5th


Ø  New Cohort Topic Survey link (Please respond by December 1,2014): https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/6S2SWKY


Ø  Waiver Renewal/Extension (Survey will close on November 26, 2014): http://goo.gl/forms/vDC0RuuY5e


Ø  Unspent DY2 DSRIP Funds Spreadsheet (Due Today, November 20, 2014): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qmNLLxPD2qgajfvRXTJWRnBhgsdns7OK9kKbrJCpCZM/edit?usp=sharing


Ø  List of Providers who have a project(s) selected for Mid-Point Assessment:

Childress Regional Medical Center

City of Amarillo

Cogdell Memorial Hospital

Collingsworth General Hospital

Coon Memorial Hospital

Covenant Medical Center

Golden Plains Community Hospital

Helen Farabee Center

Hereford Regional Medical Center

Lynn County Hospital District

Medical Arts Hospital

Memorial Hospital Moore County

Memorial Hospital Gaines County

Ochiltree General Hospital

Pampa Regional Medical Center

Parmer County Community Hospital

StarCare Specialty Health System

Sunrise Canyon Hospital

Texas Tech Amarillo

Texas Tech Lubbock

University Medical Center