RHP12 DSRIP in Action- - Lynn County Hospital District, Tahoka, TX- Patient Care Navigation -Recap

Lynn County Hospital District along with Regional Healthcare Partnership 12 hosted a DSRIP in Action event Friday, June 16, 2017. Twenty six attendees representing 13 different regional provider locations joined us for the event.

Donna Raindl, Controller/Compliance Officer, and Pete Paniagua, Patient Navigator/Financial Assistance presented their Patient Care Navigation project which was implemented to improve Lynn County Hospital District’s (LCHD) ability to reduce non-emergent ER visits and to provide low- income, high risk patients with quality health care at lower cost to patients. To launch this project, LCHD hired a Patient Navigator to oversee the Indigent/Charity Program full time. The patient navigator attempts to reach 100% of the MLIU patients that present thru the ER. The Patient Navigator has established a valuable network with Texas Workforce Commission, Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services, South Plains Community Action, SSI/SSDI Disability Advocates/Attorneys, and other Social Service Agencies which assist him in connecting their patients to the resources needed. Since program inception 733 clients have received services from this program. Currently they have 131 active clients enrolled.



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June Status Call

Our most recent status update call was held on Friday, June 2nd, at 11am.  On the call we discussed the following items: 

  • Recap and Summary of the March 24 Learning Collaborative
  • Highlights from the February 24 DSRIP in Action hosted by Swisher Memorial Healthcare
  • Upcoming Events including Regional Learning Collaborative and DSRIP in Action
  • DY7-8 Key PFM Changes
  • Measure Bundle Update
  • Clinical Champions Workgroup Update 

Below are the links to related/important documents and the recorded call itself:

Please let us know if you have any questions.



DSRIP APRIL DY 6 QPI and Cat 3 Template Webinar


HHSC hosted a webinar on April 5, 2017 to discuss DSRIP April DY6 QPI and the Cat 3 Template. To access the webinar please click here.

Highlights of the call:

 DY6 Reporting Changes

  • Semi-Annual Reporting Requirements      
  • DY6  Milestone Reporting Eligibility    
  • Carryforward Reporting 

Demonstration Years vs Performance Years

Category 3 Reporting 

RHP12 Regional Learning Collaborative Event

We want to thank all of you who were able to join us for our Regional Learning Collaborative Event last Friday, March 24, 2017. We had a great turn out.

We appreciate all of the evaluation forms that were completed. At a quick glance the feedback looks very positive with majority being satisfied to highly satisfied. We will review the details on the evaluation forms and implement improvement ideas for our September event. 

Below you will find the documents related to the event.


 Attendee Sign in Sheets 

  • Presentations

               Value-Based Purchasing/Alternative Payment Models - Andy Vasquez

               Value-Based Purchasing/Alternative Payment Models -Kyle Trzaskalski

           DY7-FY8 PFM- Stephanie Fenter   

           DSRIP Project Evaluation Template 

           Learning Collaborative Evaluation Tool Instructions-Bonnie McCamey 




RHP 12 DSRIP in Action-Swisher Memorial Healthcare System, Tulia, TX-Primary Care Expansion and Enhance Urgent Medical Advice-Recap .

Regional Healthcare Partnership 12 along with Swisher Memorial Healthcare System in Tulia, TX hosted our February DSRIP in Action event last Friday, Feb. 24th. Hosts for the event were Ryan Barnard, CEO, Swisher Memorial Healthcare, Elizabeth Adams, BSN, RN, Director of Quality & Foundation, Swisher Memorial Healthcare Strategic Initiatives, Brad Roberts, Executive Director of IT and Tulia Rural Health Clinic, and Kelly Maxwell, BSN, RN, CPN, Chief Nursing Officer.   There were 13 attendees representing 8 different providers from our region.

Elizabeth Adams and her team presented two of their projects, Primary Care Expansion and Enhance Urgent Medical Advice. The Primary Care Expansion has increased access to healthcare in the primary care setting, decreased the utilization of the Emergency Department for non-urgent care and provided patients with the right care in the right setting while controlling costs. Swisher has been successful in implementing a Medical Advice Line by providing a FREE 24/7 Medical Advice line, decreasing the utilization of the Emergency Department for non-urgent care and providing our patients with the right care in the right setting while controlling costs.



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