Monthly Status Call Posted

The Monthly Status Call that was held on June 1, 2015 is now available.  The PowerPoint and the recorded call can be accessed by clicking here.  The calls for March 2015 and January 2015 have also been posted.  

DSRIP in Action

Please join us for our first DSRIP in Action Event.  The event will be held at the Medical Arts Hospital (2200 Bryan Lamesa, TX) on June 17, 2015.  

This is an opportunity to visit with other providers in our region, see Medical Arts' specialty care project in action, learn about the projects successes, challenges, and lessons learned.  The day will start with a light breakfast at 8:30 and the event will kick off at 9:00 am. The full agenda is below:

8:30 am               Breakfast

9:00 am               Welcome & Introductions

9:15 am               Project in Action presented by Melissa Matlock

10:00 am             Roundtable discussion regarding challenges/lessons learned

10:30 am             Roundtable discussion about opportunities for improvement

11:00 am             Tour of Medical Arts new facility

12:00 pm             Lunch (Optional @ K-Bobs)


If you are interested in attending please RSVP to Chris Felton (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). We look forward to seeing you in Lamesa, TX on June 17, 2015.  

DSRIP Transformational Impact Summary

HHSC has requested that providers review their active DSRIP projects to determine which have evidence of early successes in transforming care delivery and improving patient outcomes. For those successful projects, we are asking that you submit additional information about the project, beyond what is captured in the online reporting system, using the Transformational Impact Summary Template.  Providers should complete on Transformational Impact Summary Template for each project that has shown evidence of early success and return them to their respective anchor. 

To help performing providers complete the Transformational Impact Summary Template, RHP 2 recently held a webinar to help providers complete the template.  Below is the link to the webinar along with a FAQ sheet that was developed.  


**Updated April DY4 Reporting Templates

Quantifiable Patient Impact (QPI)

·  April DY4 QPI Reporting Companion (PDF)(updated 4/10/15. Changes are highlighted in yellow.)

·  DY4 QPI Reporting Template(updated 4/15/15) – projects with a template delay (listed in the List of projects with QPI issues document linked below) may now report using this version of the template.

·  List of projects with QPI issues that affect April DY4 reporting (xlsx)(4/10/15)

Category 3

·  Category 3 DY3 Status Report Template (XLS)(4/6/15)

·  DY4 Category 3 Performance Reporting Template (XLS)(4/6/15)

·  DY4 Performance Reporting Template Instructions (PDF)(4/15/15)

·  Carryforward Cat 3 Baseline Reporting Template (XLSM)(4/8/15)

·  Carryforward Baseline Reporting Template Instructions (PDF)(4/15/15)

·  Population Focused Priority Measure (PFP) Baseline Reporting Template (PDF)(4/8/15)

Category 4

·  DY4 Category 4 Reporting Template (XLSM)(updated 4/10/15)

·  DSRIP PPE CY2013 Technical Notes (zip)(4/15/15) (The zip folder contains PDF Technical Notes for DSRIP PPAs, PPRs and PPCs for CY2013.)

HHSC Hosted April DY4 Reporting Webinars

HHSC hosted two April DY4 Reporting webinars yesterday. Below are links to recorded versions of these webinars:

General Reporting & Quantifiable Patient Impact

Category 3 & 4 Guidance

Also HHSC has posted all April DY4 Reporting materials. Below are links to these documents as well.

April DY4 Reporting

Please find links below to April DY4 reporting templates and instructions. If you have difficulty downloading these files, particularly those in newer versions of Excel (such as those labeled XLSX), please try using a browser other than Internet Explorer.


Quantifiable Patient Impact (QPI)

Category 3

Category 4

Webinar Presentations