Anchor Notes 10/11/2013

Region 12,


There are still many moving parts, upcoming deadlines, etc. as it relates to the 1115 waiver and our region’s RHP plan. Please click here to view the anchor notes from our anchor call on Friday, October 11th. Below is a summary of the items we feel are most important for you to note:

-        Required August IGT, IGT allocation forms and August Reporting Payments – If you reported in August and your submission was accepted by HHSC then you will be need to complete your IGT allocation form (attached email with details) and your TexNet trace sheet with a settlement date of 10/28/2013 (moved from 10/21/2013) to HHSC by October 28th. Once HHSC notifies us that the IGT allocation form has been updated then you can complete your form and enter TexNet information.

-        October Reporting

o   MOST IMPORTANT – Please READ the companion document. This document contains answers to FAQ and is a great resource for completing your October reporting template

o   DUE DATE – October reporting templates are due to HHSC no later than October 31st. Due to the large number of projects being reported  NO extensions will be granted.

o   HHSC hosted October Reporting Webinar – We have asked and HHSC is responding to our request for an October reporting webinar. Details to come (you can reference HHSC’s email below)

o   Template Issues – If you have any issues with your October reporting template please let us know as soon as possible.

o   Reporting Questions – Kevin and I are here to assist as much as possible with questions regarding October reporting. We would like to wait until after the HHSC hosted webinar to begin fielding these questions however if you need immediate assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us.

o   3 New Questions – There are 3 new questions in the October reporting vs. the August reporting. You can read more about these questions on pg. 2 of the attached anchor notes. HHSC also plans to address these 3 new questions during the reporting webinar.

-        DY 4 & 5 project valuationHHSC is expecting CMS regression analysis results soon however it may be delayed due to the shutdowns.

-        CAT 3 Updates – You can read more about continued HHSC & CMS negotiations on pg. 5 of the anchor notes.

-        Phase 4 changes – Coming soon.....This phases changes will be due no later than December 1st, 2013


We will hold a regional public meeting on Thursday October 24th from 8:00 am to 9:50 am. There will be two physical locations available for you to attend the meeting:

Amarillo Location

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Room AMHSC 4713

1300 South Coulter

Amarillo, Tx


Lubbock Location

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Academic Classroom Building  Room 110

3601 4th Street

Lubbock, Tx


If you are unavailable to attend one of the above meetings, there will be an option to participate via telephone listen mode only. The number to participate is

877-848-7030, passcode 6321817


Also we will post a recorded version of the meeting to our website as soon as it is made available after the meeting.


This meeting will provide post implementation award detail, our 3 Year DSRIP projects prioritized list and other regional updates.


More information to follow but please mark your calendar so you can plan to attend.

3 Year DSRIP Project UPDATE

As a region, we earmarked funds for Northwest Texas Hospital in Amarillo and WJ Mangold Hospital in Lockney. Both of these hospitals have informed us that they plan to submit 3 year DSRIP projects that will utilize their earmarked funds. With the earmarked funds being used, we estimate our regions remaining funds that will be available for additional 3 Year DSRIP projects as the follows:


DY3 – $340,607

DY4 - $0

DY5 - $0


The DY4 & DY5 numbers may change once CMS finishes their valuation review of DY4 & 5 however with the furlough this review process has been placed on hold and we do not know when we will have a better estimate.


HHSC has said that there is currently 1.05 billion dollars in DSRIP funding that has not been claimed. They are unaware of how much, if any, of these funds will flow back to the regions. They have said that there MAY be a reallocation of remaining funds to the regions with unfunded projects on their “Prioritized List”. We are CONFIDENT that the only projects that will be considered to receive these reallocated funds will be the ones that are on the “Prioritized List”. With that being said, regardless of the funds available in our region, if you have a 3 Year DSRIP project that you would like to be reviewed, scored and listed on our prioritized list please be sure to submit the information from the News post below by Wednesday, October 9th COB. This will ensure that it is on our region’s list of projects and might receive funding by the potential reallocation of state funds.

3 Year DSRIP Project Request

We are requesting that all providers submit the following information for any and all 3 year projects you would like considered for Region 12’s DSRIP plan. All projects will be reviewed and scored by healthcare professionals not participating in our RHP plan. Once the scoring process is complete we will publish a “3 year DSRIP project Prioritized List”. The due date for this requested  information is COB, Wednesday, October 9th.


-        Project Summary – Please use the summary format attached. Be sure to include your full target population & the estimated % of Medicaid and uninsured in the target population section. In the Category 1 or 2 expected patient benefits section please include quantifiable patient impact by demonstration year.


-        Milestone & Metric Table – Please use the attached milestone and metric tables (CAT1/2, CAT3 & CAT 4). A category 3 milestone and metric table must be submitted for each category 1 or 2 project. Category 4 milestone and metric table must be completed by all hospital based performing providers unless they are exempt from all or certain measures. Exemptions can be found in the PFM. Valuation by demonstration year must be included on each milestone and metric table. The % allocations must follow the table outlined in the PFM.


-        IGT Source – When you submit your project please state your IGT source in the email. If you do not have a confirmed IGT please state that as well. We will review ALL potential 3 year DSRIP projects to be included on the prioritized list however only those with an IGT source will be receive funds.


HHSC Announces DY2 DSRIP Reporting Webinar

·        A DY2 DSRIP Reporting Webinar has been scheduled for Thursday, August 15th from


 1:30 - 3:00 pm CST.  Access information below and in the attached notes.


1) Go to  

2) Click on Attend Meeting

3) Enter Meeting Number: 805 854 523 (no password necessary)

4) Call (no password necessary)


To join the audio conference: All participants should dial 800-396-3172 (no passcode required). You will be placed directly into the audio conference.


Participants can choose to log in online to view the slides and listen to the audio conference OR to call in only for the audio portion.  Participants should dial in to the audio portion of the meeting 15 minutes prior to the start of the Webinar. They automatically will be connected to the meeting room and will hear music until the start of the webinar.