Behavioral Health


The Behavioral Health Care cohort is intended to drive events related to transformational healthcare by creating flow redesign, information sharing of best practices and lessons learned to make meaningful impact in terms of CQI centered outcomes.


Below is a table that lists the change packages that we will provide throughout your participation in this cohort. Each topic will consist of a presentation followed by “homework” that cohort participants will take back to their facility/organization which should deepen their understanding of the topic. This “homework” will include performing PDCA cycles on specific AIM statements related to one of the participant’s 1115 waiver projects.

 Change Package No. 1Change Package No. 2Change Package No. 3Change Package No. 4
Title Improve Clinical Outcomes      
Topic One “Science of Improvement” - Data Collection      
Topic Two Tracking Systems for a Proactive Rather than Reactive Approach      
Topic Three Patient Activation      

Package Number One: “Science of Improvement” - Data Collection

  • Topic One - Data Collection PowerPoint
  • Topic Two - Selection of Tracking System
  • Topic Three - Tracking Clinical Outcomes Using Patient Activation PowerPoint

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