Regional Healthcare Partnership 12 along with Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in Lubbock, hosted a DSRIP in Action event on Thursday January 19, 2017. Hosts for the event were Paul Fowler, Senior Director, Office of Strategic Initiatives, and Wendy Forrest, Program Director, Office of Strategic Initiatives. There were 30 attendees representing 14 different regional provider locations at the event.

Wendy Forrest and her team presented two of their projects, Nurse on Demand and Patient Navigation.Nurse on Demand is an after-hours & weekend nurse Medical advice line for pediatric clinic patients and caregivers. The call center has had a total of 8,631 calls since the inception of program and they have had a total of 400 patients who attended scheduled PCP appointments and caller Ed Diversions percentages were 75% and above in 2016.

 TTUHSC’s patient navigation project helps to decrease unnecessary emergency room visits and hospitalizations by educating, empowering and serving as advocates for patients with chronic illnesses.From inception 325 patients have enrolled in this program. As of 12/31/16: 161 patients that are active in the program. During DY5 Emergency room visits for enrolled members decreased 37.74% and Inpatient Admissions by 34.23%. 


Presentation- Nurse on Demand 

Presentation- Patient Navigation 

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