RHP 12 Virtual Learning Collaborative Webinar Series

We have had a spectacular Learning Collaborative webinar series this year and hope that everyone has been able to attend at least one event.

For those who would like to view any or all of the virtual webinar series, please click on the links below: 

Webinar 1, September 15, 2020:

“Ease & Access via Technology/Digital Health”

Speakers: Dennis Lamb, Kara Coats, Amanda Crunk, Bryan Gauthier

RHP12 LC Event – “Ease & Access via Technology/Digital Health 

Webinar 2, September 17, 2020:

 “Regional Transformation Update”

Speakers: Jeff Dane, Exec. Vice President/CFO, UMC

Bobbye Hrncirik, Vice President of Supplemental Funding, UMC

RHP12 LC Event – Regional Transformation Update 

Webinar 3, September 22, 2020:

“DSRIP Transition”

Speaker: Emily Sentilles (HHSC)

RHP12 LC Event – DSRIP Transition

Webinar 4, September 24, 2020:

“M&S Compliance Monitoring Overview”

Speaker: Natasha Boston (HHSC)

Compliance Monitoring Overview