DSRIP Menu Webinar PowerPoint Presenation

Updated DSRIP Menu Webinar – held Thursday, June 21st:

HHSC sincerely apologizes for the difficulties many people encountered accessing Thursday's webinar on the updated RHP Planning Protocol (DSRIP menu). HHSC has communicated with the vendor, TMF, to ensure that similar issues do not occur in the future. As discussed during the webinar, HHSC is incorporating the Texas DSRIP menu into the California Protocol to expedite CMS approval. The webinar was intended as a preview of what HHSC is preparing to submit to CMS by the end of June. The powerpoint from the webinar meeting is attached. During the first week of July, HHSC will post a recording of the DSRIP webinar and an updated DSRIP menu to the waiver website.

CANCELLED June 26th - Full Region Meeting

We have postponed our RHP 12 Regional planning meeting, originally scheduled for June 26th from 9am to 11am, until we have NEW and definitive information to bring to the group.

As soon as we receive & reevaluate the NEW DSRIP menu and PFM Protocol (to be discussed on Monday’s webinar by HHSC) we will schedule our next regional meeting. Any information we receive between now and then will be posted here on the website.

June 19th - Region 12 Full Region Meeting

We will host a full region meeting on June 26th, 2012 beginning at 9:00 a.m.

In an effort to reduce travel time, we have worked with Texas Tech Health Sciences Center to arrange a two location meeting. There will be a location at the TTUHSC – Amarillo campus and one at TTUHSC – Lubbock campus. We will be utilizing their conferencing technology which will allow ALL attendees to view and participate in the meeting live.


Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

School of Pharmacy Academic Center (PAC) Building – Room 1110

1300 South Coulter

Amarillo, Tx


Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Room – Academic Classroom Building 110

3601 4th Street

Lubbock, Tx

The agenda for this meeting will be published at a later date

June 18th - DSRIP Project Submission


Our RHP must be submitted to HHSC by September 1st. In order to have enough time to compile the full RHP plan and get it to HHSC by this date, we are asking that each performing provider submit their project plans to the anchor by August 3rd . However, we encourage you to submit them as soon as you have them ready. We will begin soliciting feedback from the State as they come in.

HHSC Announces Updated Program Funding and Mechanics (PFM) Protocol Webinar

Updated Program Funding and Mechanics (PFM) Protocol Webinar – June 25, 3:30-5pm Central:

Thank you also to those who submitted feedback on the draft PFM Protocol. During this webinar, HHSC will provide an update on the protocol, review comments submitted, and cover next steps. HHSC is continuing to negotiate the details of the PFM Protocol with CMS through June and July. Participants can choose to login online or to only call-in.

To access the webinar, on June 25 at 3:30pm:

1) Go to www.webex.com

2) Click on Attend Meeting

3) Enter Meeting Number: 804 694 814 (no password necessary)

4) Call 1-888-884-2150