RHP 12 Measure Bundle Events- Amarillo & Lubbock

We have dates for our January DY7-8 planning sessions. We will be hosting 2 different sessions on the same day in both locations: January 24th in Amarillo and January 25th in Lubbock.

For those of you who were unable to attend the December DY7-8 Planning sessions we will host a repeat of that session in the morning on both days. Please register at the “Morning Session” link below in the location you plan to attend. Please register every person from your team that plans to attend.

For those of you who attended the December DY7-8 Planning session we will host a continuation/follow-up session in the afternoon on both days. Please register using the “Afternoon Session” link below in the location you plan to attend. Please register every person from your team that plans to attend. Also, we have not yet heard back from HHSC on all the clarification questions that we noted from the first sessions. As soon as we do we will get those out to everyone. The holidays slow things down a bit.

Amarillo:  Morning Session

Amarillo: Afternoon Session

Lubbock: Morning Session

Lubbock: Afternoon Session

RHP 12 Measure Bundle Events- Amarillo and Lubbock

RHP 12 hosted DY7-8 planning sessions for all providers in Amarillo on Monday, December 18th and Lubbock on Tuesday, December 19th. The events were well attended with good discussion regarding DY7-8 requirements. Below are links to the presentation and other documents promised at the events. 

-DY7-8 Planning Session Presentation 

-DY7-8 Texas Measure Bundle Protocol 

-Cat C Measure Specifications Introduction

-Cat C Measure Specifications: Hospitals and PPs

-Cat C Measure Specification: LHDs

-Cat C Measure Specifications: CMHCs

-Cat B FAQ Sheet

-Cat 4 Example 

We will have follow up & repeat sessions in the month of January.

  • Amarillo: January 24, 2018, 9:00am-1:00pm at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, 1400 South Coulter Street, Amarillo, TX 79106
  • Lubbock: January 25, 2018, 9:00am-1:00pm at Business Technology Center (UMC), 309 North Slide, Lubbock, TX 79416


DSRIP DY6 October Reporting Webinar- Round 2

HHSC hosted a webinar on October 4, 2017 to discuss DSRIP October Reporting.  To access the webinar please click here.

Highlights of the call:

 DY6 Reporting Changes 

 Semi-Annual Reporting Requirements       

 Carryforward Reporting 

Demonstration Years vs Performance Years

Category 3 Reporting 


RHP 12 Regional Learning Collaborative Event- September 28, 2017

We want to thank all of you who were able to join us for our Regional Learning Collaborative Event last Thursday, September 28, 2017. We had a great turnout and enjoyed the visit by Executive Commissioner Charles Smith and Senator Charles Perry. We appreciate all of the evaluation forms that were completed. The feedback looks very positive with the majority being satisfied. We will review the details on the evaluation forms and implement improvement ideas for our March 2018 event. 

Below you will find the documents related to the event. 


Attendee Sign in Sheets


Regional Updates- Jeff Dane 

Legislative Update Health Care- Cesar Lopez

Legislative Update on Behavioral Health Policy- Nelson Jarrin 

DY 7-8 CAT C Measure Bundles- Bobbye Hrncirik


October DY6 Reporting

October reporting will be here before we know it and we are again offering Reporting Work Sessions for those who are interested. If you have any questions or need additional guidance on the template please contact Jacquee @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 806-761-0530.

We have 2 days available in Amarillo: Thursday October 12th and Friday October 13th

               1 day available in Lubbock: Wednesday, October 11th 

 Amarillo Registration – TTUHSC Amarillo, 1400 South Coulter Street, RM AMHSC 4713, Amarillo

 Lubbock Registration  - Please note new location: UMC BATC IT Training Room, located at 

                                          309 N Slide Road, Lubbock