January 26, 2016 Monthly Status Call

The January 26 monthly status call is now posted.  To access, this call or another monthly status call click here.  Below are the links to items mentioned on the call: 

January 2016 Status Call

The January monthly status call is now posted.  To access, this call or another monthly status call click here.  A couple of items mentioned on the call: 

  • RHP 12 Annual Report - As the anchor, we are required to submit an annual report  The annual report provides an overview of the DY4 activities in the region and summarizes the region's successes, challenges, and lessons learned.
  • Stakeholder Feedback Survey -  An overview of the waiver extension/renewal was also discussed.  If you would like to provide feedback on the protocol level proposals in the waiver extension please visit the HHSC Waiver Renewal page.   


November Status Call

The November monthly status call is now posted.  To access this call or any other monthly status calls click here.  The call provided an overview of our learning collaborative events for DY5 and we are asking for your feedback related to these events.  To provide your feedback please click here.  We highlighted the ongoing CAT-3 compliance monitoring, as outlined on the Myers and Stauffer webinar and provided an overview of the proposed waiver extension/renewal.  Stay tuned for more information related to extension/renewal and you can always visit HHSC's site for information.   

Myers and Stauffer Webinar

Myers & Stauffer hosted a webinar on November 4, 2015 to discuss the CAT-3 baseline review and the upcoming CAT 1 and 2 validations.  The webinar provided clarification for the CAT-3 Baseline reviews and highlighted the process by which Myers and Stauffer plans to conduct the CAT 1 and 2 validation process.  To access the webinar please click here.    

DY 4 Oct Reporting Templates

HHSC has posted the reporting templates along with companion documents for DY 4 Oct Reporting Materials. Please note that the dates refer to when the document was updated and can also be accessed on HHSC's site . Please make sure you are using the most up to date files when compiling your reports. If you have difficulty downloading these files, particularly those in newer versions of Excel (such as those labeled XLSX), please try using a browser other than Internet Explorer.